…And Sometimes, Five. (April 2012)

“Sometimes Five” is a bulletin of five awesome activities to do in (and around) Winnipeg each month.

Spring has sprung in a dramatic fashion and the sidewalks and streets are full of pedestrians and cyclists!

Artwork made for 30 Days of Biking by Adam Turman

1. 30 Days of Biking: April 1- 30 – International!

This event is a Minneapolis-initiated challenge to ride your bike everyday for 30 days in April. The idea is to get people interested in cycling to commit to doing it everyday, even if it is just around the block, with the hope that a new found love will develop. This year is the 3rd year for the event and the organizers are hoping to get 4000 participants to sign up worldwide.

To quote from the website:

“30 Days of Biking is not elitist. It is not a political statement. We don’t want you to worry about whether you have the right bike, or whether your butt looks good in spandex. We just want you out there, pedaling alongside our community, whether virtually or for real. Our goal is not to reject cars so much as promote bikes as a viable alternative to cars. We want you to remember how riding around your neighborhood felt when you were a kid, when a bike was your only transportation and you loved it. We want you to remember the freedom bicycling offers. The happiness, the independence. These things aren’t lost to the ages or the past. They’re still available, as nearby as your saddle. And, ultimately, they lead to a healthier life.”

Well said. Even Greg LeMond, 3 time winner of the Tour de France has signed up!

2. Natural Cycle’s Spring Fling : March 31st – Albert Street, Winnipeg

Ok, ok, so this takes place in March. But we didn’t write up a “Sometimes, Five” for March and we feel like our love of all things bicycle and co-ops justifies it.

The folks at Natural have made some big changes to the shop over the winter and want you to come and check it out between 11-6.

T-shirt draws and sticky buns sweeten the deal.

3. Winnipeg Comedy Festival: April 5-15 – Winnipeg

Originally the brainchild of Al Rae and CBC Radio’s Tom Anniko, eleven years later, the festival remains the Gas Station Arts Centre’s flagship event and has come to include year-round outreach programs, rural tours, workshops and television broadcasts that attract over 2 million viewers annually thanks to the hard work of the WCF team.

Check out the schedule, tickets prices range from FREE to $150 depending on the event.

4. Peggers Banquet Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Show : April 5 – Winnipeg

In April, 1962, a few British dudes got together to form a band called the Rolling Stones which, to say the least, took off. In April 2012, the bad boys of Winnipeg’s 1960s British tribute band scene will take to the stage in their first headlining gig in town!

It’s Bad Thursday (the night before Good Friday), so you can sleep in the next day, meaning you can get wild on the dance floor to your heart’s content. The boys have been working hard jamming, so the show is guaranteed to have some high energy, some tunes you haven’t heard them do before, and maybe a costume change or two.

Tickets are $10 in advance/$15 at the Door. West End Cultural Centre

5. Spacing’s Creative Mapping Contest: Deadline April 30th – National

Artistic appreciators of urban topography – this one’s for you!

Do you love maps? Are you an illustrator, graphic designer, or visual storyteller? Spacing wants you to submit your original creative maps inspired by a Canadian city.


The art of map-making has taken tremendous strides in the digital age. In the last decade, there has been an explosion of maps that are not necessarily meant to be used for directions, but instead are considered works of art and inspired imagination. We want you to create an illustrative map that reflects a Canadian city (or a neighbourhood, community) or is inspired by the urban elements that make up a city (examples: waterfront, transit, cycling, walking, graffiti, parks, architecture, laneways/alleys, streets, traffic, taxis, weather, sewers, infrastructure, etc….)

DEADLINE: Monday, April 30th, 2012

HOW TO ENTER: You must register to enter. Send us an email by April 30th and we will provide you with uploading details. EMAIL: [email protected]


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