Good Read: 5 Reasons Why Amsterdam Works So Well for Bikes

“People unfamiliar with the idea of the bicycle as real transportation sometimes see Amsterdam—the famously bike-friendly Dutch capital—as a fantasyland that has very little to do with the grown-up transportation world of cars and trucks. In reality, a readjustment of perspective is needed, since Amsterdam has succeeded in creating a transportation system that is one […]

Good Read: The Future of Mobility in Cities: Multimodal and Integrated

A few colourful and concise thoughts on getting around to jump start this short work week. Enjoy! From “Sustainable, inclusive, prosperous, and resilient cities depend on transportation that facilitates the safe, efficient and pollution-free flow of people and goods, while also providing affordable, healthy, and integrated mobility for all. Innovative shared and autonomous transportation […]

Article: More buses could be en route to Winnipeg

From Metro News Winnipeg: “Frequent service is the single best way to invest in transit to see ridership gains and increase rider satisfaction with the system,” [Functional Transit chairperson Joseph] Kornelsen said. Click here for the full article.      

Summer Mix 2013 by DJ CO-OP

  Now playing in carshare stereos: Summer Mix 2013 by our very own superstar member DJ CO-OP but you can stream it here, now! Open the bus window, put your sunglasses on and go for a stroll, get on your bike and let the wind in your hair. Art by the fantastic Lucas Pauls (also a member) […]

Top 10 Tips: Carshare Etiquette – Sharing is Nice!

We’ve doubled our fleet and our membership is growing faster than ever. While carsharing is convenient and simple to use, sharing is also a responsibility. To make sure your sharing experiences runs as smoothly as possible, we’ve made a top 10 list of carsharing etiquette: Always return the vehicle to its home parking spot Each […]

Five Reasons to Get Out of Your Car this Month

It appears as though the summer weather is just about here! That makes it the ideal time of the year to try out more active ways to get around the city. It is also the time of year to check out a series of different commuting-related events that promote both active transportation and transit! So […]

Peg City Car Co-op Doubles Fleet

Peg City Car Co-op Doubles Fleet, Serves More Neighbourhoods Thanks to Local Investors WINNIPEG (May 21, 2013)—Peg City Car Co-op is doubling its fleet of fuel-efficient carshare vehicles located around central Winnipeg neighbourhoods. The city’s first and  only carshare is expanding its service to include West Broadway, Corydon Village, The University of Winnipeg, and further […]

Consumer Debt up 8% in MB, Arguments for Carsharing

Manitoba Consumer debt (which includes vehicle debts, but excludes mortgages) is up 8% according to credit monitor TransUnion. This means Manitobans are spending more than they make. Owning and operating a car in Canada costs an average of $8,000 per year according to CAA. In order to own a car, a budget of around $700 […]

Carsharing and the Local Economy

It’s easy to understand the environmental impact of car ownership, the greenhouse gases they emit and the process of harvesting, processing and distributing the fuel they use. But less discussed is the impact owning a car has on your local economy. Outside of the harder-to-quantify aspects of urban sprawl, decline of local businesses and cost of […]

from TEDxManitoba: Getty Stewart of

I had the opportunity to attend TEDxManitoba yesterday (February 9, 2012) and one of the first talks of the day was Getty Stewart who came up with, and is the volunteer co-ordinator for the now three-year-old program The concept is so simple. Connect homeowners that have a surplus of fruit to volunteers who are […]

…and Sometimes, Five. (February 2012)

“Sometimes Five” is a bulletin of five awesome activities to do in (and around) Winnipeg  each month. Get your winter in while it lasts! Between curling on the Assiniboine near the “Mother Club” and watching the No Regretzkies beat the Winnipeg Handshakes in the E1 Division of the Highlander League, here is a list of […]