Damage Awareness Month: Reporting

For the month of November, we have been exploring the topic of damage, and we’re capping it all off with our final comic about the importance of reporting damage!

We’re wrapping up Damage Awareness Month here on our blog, and we’ve created a pair of comics to address something that is decidedly not so fun. We’re hoping that by sharing helpful winter driving tips, laying out the different insurance options that are available to members, and pulling back the curtain on how we track vehicle damage, we can work together with members to keep our entire fleet in the best shape possible.

If a car gets bumped, scraped, dinged, or worse, we need to know about it. The sooner we are able to assess and repair damage, the sooner we can get that vehicle back on the road! We happily take on the hassle and cost of vehicle maintenance and repair so that those who choose to go car-free or car-lite don’t have to worry about it, but when damage goes unreported – and unclaimed – it means we have to pay out of pocket, and ultimately that means higher rates for our members. With help from our members, we can stay on top of repairs AND keep costs low for everyone.  Here is comic number two to end off … Damage Reporting.


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