2014 Member Survey Results

Ok, ok, so we’re a little slow on this post. Once a year since 2013 we have been asking our members to fill out a survey so that we can find out how we are doing and plan for the future. We are a co-op after all, so member ideas and opinions do matter to us a whole lot.

The answers are often interesting, so we thought we would post some of them here.


We like to know why our members chose to join the carshare. It should come as no surprise that some of the most reported answers were that “access to car when needed” (90.1%), “saving time and money on transportation” (67.8%) and “vehicle maintenance” (76%) are the most common responses.

What do our members use the vehicles for? The #1 response is grocery shopping (73.7%) but our members are also a social bunch, because social outings and recreation came in a close second at 66.7%.

They’re also tech-savvy and independent:


One of the most common questions we get from prospective members is, “Will I be able to book a car when I need one?” We do our best to offer our members a closely linked network of vehicles to choose from, in case the closest vehicle to them is booked when try to book it. We’re pleased to find out that our members are easily able to book a vehicle when they need one 91% of the time.

An astounding 84.2% of our membership reported being very satisfied with our customer service and 97% report they are very satisfied or satisfied overall with their experience with Peg City Car Co-op.

Our members are our best advertising! An amazing 97.1% of our members are either happy or very happy to tell others about Peg City Car Co-op!


While it feels great to be loved, it is also nice to receive some validation that we are achieving what we set to do — that is, provide our members with a viable alternative to a car-centric lifestyle.

First we asked how our members how they normally get to and from work. Cycling and transit appear to the most popular transportation choices for our members.

Next we asked them if joining the carshare allowed them to sell or otherwise get rid of a vehicle:

Impressively, we are pleased to report that nearly 1/3 of our members got rid of at least one of their vehicles within the first year of joining the carshare. Additionally, 46% of our membership stated that if the carshare didn’t exist they would almost certainly or probably buy/lease a vehicle.

It is worth noting that 33.4% of those members who had moved recently reported that the location of carshare vehicles played at least some role in their decision making on where to live.

We take member feedback pretty seriously, and member responses also help us to decide where to locate our next cars. Expect some changes in the next few months as we plan our expansion throughout spring and summer.


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