While in the FLO Zone, one and two-hour time-limited parking restrictions do not apply to FLO cars. Peg City members may park FLO cars in these spots indefinitely during or when ending a FLO booking.

All other parking restrictions must be observed in the course of a booking with a FLO car, including paying for metered parking, observing no-stopping restrictions, and so on.

A member may end their FLO booking in any legal spot on public streets in the FLO Zone or at a FLO Drop-Off Point. Use the app to find the FLO Zone or a free FLO Drop-Off Point. A solid red light to the left of the steering wheel will also let you know when you’re outside the FLO Zone. If the light’s off, you’re free to end your trip!

Members are welcome to make a temporary stop in any legal parking spot. However, FLO bookings cannot be ended where the following restrictions apply. Even if you’re in the FLO Zone and the out-of-zone light is off in the vehicle, you must be aware of parking restrictions that can impact the vehicle after ending your booking. Members are responsible for the way that a car is parked until the next member picks it up.

Members should also watch out for temporary residential parking bans, orange temporary no-stopping zones for special events or street cleaning. Check the Winnipeg Parking Authority for scheduled winter routes as applicable. One and two-hour time parking restrictions must be observed when outside the FLO Zone. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that they follow all parking rules and by-laws.

The above signage represents some of the city’s parking restrictions and is not an exhaustive list. The City of Winnipeg may change signage designs from time to time without notifying Peg City Car Co-op. All members must be sure to check and adhere to parking signage while driving our cars and pay any parking fines or towing fees as applicable. Any discrepancy is not the responsibility of Peg City Car Co-op.