A New Year, A New Opportunity to Invest!

A new year and a new opportunity to help us grow!

We are once again offering investment shares for purchase to our members and supportors. Last year we successfully raised  $66,800 in investment shares.

We have been busy the past year putting these investments to work. We were able to double the fleet (we now have nine cars!), introduce our service in more neighbourhoods and make carsharing available to more than 250 members and drivers.


New vehicles added in 2013
New vehicles added in 2013










~We want to do it again~

This year our goal is to raise $50,000 in investment shares by March 31, 2014. This money will allow us to continue to expand carsharing into even more neighbourhoods and ensure the car co-op’s sustainability in the long run.

You can help make this happen by purchasing shares and/or sharing this message. Just like last year, shares are available for $100 each.

INVEST IN LESS: Peg City Car Co-op from Peg City Car Co-op on Vimeo.

Once again Peg City’s investment shares have been approved as an eligible enterprise under the Province of Manitoba’s Community Enterprise Development (CED) Tax Credit Program. This means that come tax time you will be eligible to claim a tax credit of 30% of the amount of your investment. Different than a donation, your investment is an opportunity to help you community while earning a return over time.

Find more information visit: www.www.pegcitycarcoop.ca/invest

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