Adding a Learning or Intermediate Driver

Member, Member Plus, Corporate, and Non-Profit accounts can all add additional drivers. You can even add a learning or intermediate driver!

Learning and intermediate drivers are moving through the stages of a graduated licensing program. They don’t yet have their full licence.

Adding a learning or intermediate driver comes with special conditions.

First, you’ll pay a $500 deposit in addition to your member share. Payment can be made by e-transfer or credit card on file. Once the driver has earned their full licence or left your account, we’ll gladly refund the $500.



These drivers will not receive their own fob or app access. Instead, they’ll be permitted to drive on bookings associated with your account. They must be supervised by a driver with a full licence.

Complete our Learner Application Waiver to begin.



These drivers may complete our additional driver registration form. We’ll email the account holder to confirm the driver’s addition to your account. Once confirmed, we’ll ask you to pay the additional $500 share.

Intermediate drivers can complete our Additional Driver Registration.



Once we’ve confirmed the creation of the account, your learner or intermediate driver is ready to drive Peg City!

Drivers are bound by provincial driving laws in Manitoba. MPI’s website has more.

Learning or Intermediate Driver and Damage Pool

Accounts with learning and intermediate drivers on them are not eligible for our Damage Pool program. You’re free to rejoin a Damage Pool program once the learning or intermediate driver has earned their full licence or left the account. Our Learner application waiver outlines your liability should the learner be in an at-fault collision.

Moving Through Graduated Licensing

Be sure to update Peg City with proof of the licence change as the driver moves through the graduated licensing levels. While drivers with a learner’s licence must be supervised on Peg City bookings, intermediate drivers may drive independently. It is the member’s responsibility to update Peg City with proof of licence change.

Once your additional driver has earned their full licence, email us. We’ll refund your additional $500 deposit, and your account will become eligible for our Damage Pool programs again.

Are you an intermediate driver looking to create your own account?

Fill out our registration form and sign up at the Member or Member Plus tier.
Our team will get in touch to arrange your additional $500 deposit. Once you’ve earned your full licence, we’ll be glad to refund it to you!