Avoid the considerable cost associated with building parking and add value to your project!

Local developers are beginning to introduce carsharing as a way to reduce cost, maximize density, and add value for residents! By partnering with Peg City Car Co-op we can not only save developers money but also provide a financial incentive for potential residents looking to simplify their lives by sharing a car.

How we help developers

In some parts of Winnipeg, the Zoning By-law requires as much as 1.5 parking stalls per unit. Parking costs a lot of money and minimum requirements can put limitations on developable space, as well as compromise the viability of a project, especially on small inner-city lots.

The Zoning By-law has a provision in it that allows developers to apply for a Parking Management Plan, all because the City of Winnipeg recognizes the benefits of carsharing. One carshare vehicle can take as many as 13 cars off the road and reduce carbon emissions by 33%. By partnering with Peg City, developers may alleviate congestion, ease parking pressures, and cut carbon emissions. In return, the City can reduce your minimum parking requirements. Depending on the size of the development, this may save developers hundreds of thousands of dollars, or make a previously unfeasible project possible. Think of the opportunities!

Benefits to developers

  • Reduce parking ratios and save money or add density.
  • It’s a great selling point. Residents can receive a free membership, with one carshare vehicle serving as many as 30–40 individuals.
  • Green building accreditation. LEED and other green building accreditors provide points for carsharing.
  • Research on carsharing shows that apartments with minimal to no parking sell better with carsharing on site.

Benefits to residents

  • Members get the benefits of car ownership without the hassle. No need to pay for fuel, maintenance, or winter tires. We’ve got it covered.
  • Members only pay for what they use and can potentially save thousands of dollars each year.
  • One membership gets access to our whole fleet and other carsharing services in other cities.
  • Help fill transportation gaps. It’s great to bike, walk, and bus, and we provide a car when needed.

Fleet Guide

At Peg City, we admire utility and efficiency, and that’s why most of our fleet is comprised of hatchbacks like the Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris, but we provide a set of vehicle options to best suite your client needs.


fleet animated gif of different vehicle types - sedan, electric, hatchback, utility, and vans

Carshare Demographics


What is carsharing?

Carsharing is a membership based service that provides flexible transportation solutions for individuals, families, and companies. Members receive an access key and and online account that allows them to book a vehicle, where they want it, when they want it. We are a two-way carsharing service which means that users bring the car back to the same locations when they are done with their booking.

What will it cost?

We provide a few different simple and easy payment options. All prices include a compact car, all setup costs, plus fees and taxes. One simple price with no hidden costs. Once a development is complete and an agreement is finalized, the developer has no additional financial obligations! We maintain, insure, and take care of all liability.

Feel free to contact us for more details at [email protected]

When am I released from financial obligations?

Once an agreement is finalized and the project fee is provided, the developer is released from all financial obligations. Peg City Car Co-op is responsible for maintaining, insuring and absorbing all costs associated with carsharing, including all liabilities associated with use of the carsharing vehicle.

Will you provide a carshare vehicle anywhere in Winnipeg?

Our service area is in Winnipeg’s core neighbourhood. Is your development not within our current vehicle network? Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. As the co-op expands, we aim to broaden service to other neighbourhoods.