Add 2 free drivers, plus earn credit!

Why? Because we like you, that’s why.

From now until Jan 1st, 2021, add up to 2 new drivers to your Member or Member Plus account for $0!
We will waive their $25 registration fee + give  you a $25 driving credit. 

Email us at [email protected] with the subject line “Two Free Drivers”, and we’ll get you all set up.

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One great perk of being a Member is that your account can have up to FIVE drivers. Each person receives their own fob, and the account can be set up in a couple of ways. You can all have access to the same bookings, which makes pick up, drop off, and running errands with another person a breeze. You can also set your account so that each driver can only see and access their own individual bookings, which is a good option for drivers living in separate households – such as siblings, partners or parents – and you don’t necessarily need or want to share your booking info with them.

Worried about your roommate or brother-in-law causing damage to a Peg City car? You can join our Damage Pool for just $50/year, and ALL drivers on the account are covered! Read more about insurance, and the rights and responsibilities of members and additional drivers HERE.

Offer expires January 1st, 2021. Good for up to 2 new drivers. Maximum 5 drivers per member account. Casual accounts are not eligible for additional drivers perk.

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