Bike to Work Day 2013

We are pretty proud to say that 2013 marked our 3rd Bike to Work Day (BTWD) at the River and Osborne location! We officially launched on June 24, 2011 which also happened to be BTWD, so there is a pretty special history there for us. Two full years of carshare and over 150 members!

It is exciting every year to see the growing number of people who ride their bikes to work (even those just trying it out) and to have people stop in and say “hi!”, even if we are only one of 48(!) BTWD pit stops across the city.

A small recap of the morning:

We were up nice and early to catch as many cyclists as possible. That means setting up at about 6:15 am (yikes). However we were glad to see the rain had passed and the sun was coming up.

Photo 1

Then cyclists starting rolling in (pun intended). We had coffee for riders generously donated by StarbucksĀ  (River and Osborne location) and yummy doughnuts from Tim Horton’s.

We also offered cyclists 2013 Winnipeg Bicycle Maps and we were handing out $25 driving credits for any potential new members.

Photo 2 a

We got to meet and chat with a bunch of really cool people and some had really cool bikes, like this gentleman, who even let us ride his cargo bike!!! He was even kind enough to add one of our stickers to his bike.


All in all, it was a successful morning. We had about 30 cyclists visit over the course of 2.5 hours. We got to chat about cycling, walking, transit and carsharing. We even signed up a new member!

Photo 2

Until next year!

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