Peg City provides a flexible transportation solution for companies. We take care of organizing your team’s vehicle needs – from fuel to parking and everything in between. Make your office more sustainable by incentivizing your employees to bike, walk, or bus to work, while using carsharing instead of personal vehicles to get to important business meetings. You can even offer access to carsharing as an employee perk!

Each driver receives a personal key fob and an online account that allows them to book a vehicle where they want when they want it. Once a booking is complete, our software calculates the time and distance, and you’ll see a complete breakdown of every trip made.

Are you a small business owner with fewer than five drivers? You’re welcome to sign up for a Member or Member Plus account – please visit our personal plans page for details.

Registration forms for any business wishing to create a company account.

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Please enter the name and contact information of the person you appoint to administer the account. Once approval is complete, any employee wishing to be added as a driver may do so by filling out the additional driver registration form.


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