Carsharing Survey for Winnipeg’s West End :

In partnership with Daniel McIntyre St. Matthews Community Association (DMSMCA) Peg City Car Co-op is presently undertaking a study to explore the feasibility of carsharing in a neighbourhood with lower density and lower incomes. Part of this study includes a survey directed at people living, working and playing in the area who are interested in taking advantage of carsharing in their neighbourhood to measure their interest, usage patterns and barriers to the service.

This study is intended specifically for residents of Winnipeg’s West End and inner-city but is open to residents of the city at large. If you think you’d be able to benefit from carsharing in your neighbourhood, for your small-business, organisation or non-profit please feel free to take the survey!

For more information and links to the survey visit:

If you live in Daniel McIntyre, St Matthews, Spence or West Broadway and you’re interested in being part of a focus group, please indicate it in the survey!


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