COVID-19 update from Peg City Car Co-op’s Operations Manager


It has been almost a month since COVID-19 hit Manitoba. Since it’s arrival, a lot has changed, as the government has moved swiftly to curb transmission through social distancing. 

By now, most people who can stay home are doing so, which has resulted in quieter streets. Less activity has resulted in a reduction in trips for all forms of mobility, including carsharing. At the same time, we understand that many of our members rely on our service for essential grocery runs and activities. We have committed ourselves today more than ever, to be there for our members during these trying times. 

From day one of the pandemic, we have worked to ensure our fleet is safe to use for essential trips. Our staff are working harder than ever to keep cars sanitized for our members. We have even started offering pre-sanitization for individuals who are living with or are themselves, at risk. To help frontline workers, we have also introduced a new price plan. You can learn more about these efforts here

During these difficult times, we also need to watch our costs as less demand means less revenue to pay for fixed expenses like staff, insurance, and parking, to name a few examples. To ensure we are here to serve the community now, and in the long run, we decided to delay expansion, and even reduce our fleet size. 

If you notice that there are fewer vehicles in your neighbourhood, it’s because we have made the difficult and unwanted decision to adjust our fleet size to reduce costs and to help ensure we can keep our cars as clean as possible. 

Rest assured that as soon demand picks up we will be reintroducing vehicles as quickly as possible. We also look forward to the day when we can continue our expansion efforts. 

To our members and community, may you and your family be safe and well. 


Philip Mikulec

Operations Manager