December Seat Sale!

We’re offering a special discount for the Holidays… read on!

Running short on reindeer? Or maybe you need to make an appearance at multiple family dinners? Grab a Peg City car and go! Members can book one of these vehicles over the Holiday weekend – December 21st-26th – and receive a 15% discount on your booking.

South Osborne – 625 Osborne, #21 (Van)

Wolseley – Old Grace Housing Coop, #43 (Van)

 St. Boniface – 112 Marion Street, #44

Exchange District – 363/365 William Ave, #47

Downtown – 190 Smith St., #49

Corydon Village – 671 McMillan Ave, #52

Don’t forget: full co-op Members can earn driving credits by sharing photos of their trips on social media! A snapshot of your full trunk of groceries or an evergreen strapped to the roof rack can earn you a $20 driving credit. For more information on our Ambassador Program, click here. 

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