DMSMCA & Peg City Car Co-op in the Metro


Check out this great article on our West End Carsharing Study in the Canstar Neighbourhood papers today! If you still haven’t filled out our survey, please visit or call 204.793.3912!

Car-sharing is designed to give members who regularly bus, cycle or walk occasional use of a vehicle without the high fixed costs of ownership. The concept is thriving across the country in high-density urban centres such as Vancouver, Toronto, Hamilton and Waterloo.

The DMSMCA first looked into the concept about three years ago, as part of its five-year neighbourhood green plan, Webb said.

Consultations for that plan found many in the community were paying for cars that we’re being underused.

According to CAA, average annual ownership costs for a small sedan like a Honda Civic is about $7,500 per year.

That’s a lot of money in a community with a large number of low-income families, which the DMSMCA hopes to target with the program.

“Low income families can save a lot of money sharing a car and using it less frequently,” Webb said.

Some community non-profit organizations, including the West Central Women’s Resource Centre, have also expressed interest in the program, Webb added.