Fall statement to members


Here’s our Operations Manager, Philip Mikulec, with our fall statement to members.

Phil Mikulec, Operations Manager

With over half a year of COVID-19 under our belts, we have experienced a lot of ups and downs, both as a carsharing community and as Winnipeggers. Here at Peg City Car Co-op, we take the safety of our members very seriously. In these ever-changing times, we are taking a proactive approach to our cleaning practices, while remaining adaptive to your transportation needs.

As infection numbers increase in our province, we are enhancing our member safety protocols by introducing the provision of hand sanitizer in all our vehicles. Our committed Fleet Team at Peg City Car Co-op spent weeks researching the best products that have a low impact on your hands and won’t damage the interior of our vehicles. Our hand sanitizer program will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks. Be sure to keep an eye out for our Peg City Car Co-op branded sanitizer bottles. 

This initiative is the latest in our ongoing efforts to ensure our members, and their passengers, enjoy a safe ride in our vehicles. When COVID-19 officially hit Manitoba in March of 2020, we increased our sanitization schedule by 300% and introduced a pre-sanitization program for our most vulnerable members. We continue to offer a frontline price plan to help individuals and community groups on the frontline of the pandemic. You can learn more about our COVID-19-based programs by visiting our blog post dedicated to our pandemic response.

As a carsharing service, we are also focused on keeping all of our initiatives sustainable and eco-friendly. We are pleased to report that over the summer, we introduced a zero-emission cleaning fleet that includes a Nissan Leaf and a people-powered cargo bike which we use to transport new plant-based biodegradable sanitization and cleaning products from vehicle to vehicle. This new initiative saves almost 500 litres of water per wash and allows our cleaning staff to travel to cars without worrying about what comes out of the tailpipe.

Throughout the various phases of the pandemic, we are continuously adapting to the carsharing needs of our members. In the spring, we had to adapt to decreased demand as the province went into lockdown. At this time we reduced our fleet size temporarily by 30% to help right-size our fleet and reduce costs. We were incredibly appreciative of how understanding our membership was of these quick changes. As we emerged from lockdown, we saw a quick boost in demand. We reacted as quickly as possible, increasing our fleet size by nearly 20%. We were incredibly excited to respond to the needs of our members as you made the best of a difficult situation and went out to explore our beautiful province. Some of our members took the opportunity to share their stories with the broader community, which we covered on our blog here and here.

zero-emission's fleet

To be sure, the coming months will be full of challenges. Our small but dedicated team will be there to help you through these challenges, by providing the best carsharing service possible. We are committed to remaining nimble to your needs and helping to keep you safe in these ever-changing times.

hand sanitizer
Be sure to keep an eye out for our Peg City Car Co-op branded sanitizer bottles.