Fresh Rates — New Options for Carsharing


Happy spring everyone! We have some very exciting news to share.

As we approach our second anniversary we are introducing new rate plans as well as a new, casual driver category.

Since launching in June of 2011, we’ve grown to 120 members sharing four cars. As we prepare to grow our  fleet to 11 cars by 2014, we want to make joining Peg City Car Co-op both easier and more affordable to do.

Starting May 1st, we are making some changes to our membership rates:

  • Booking fees are being eliminated! (except those made by phone)
  • The hourly fee for regular members has been increased, but the kilometre fee has been cut by almost half! Most members will experience a decrease in their overall bill.
  • We will be offering members an opportunity to join our new Member+ pricing option. It will offer savings if you find yourself booking four or more trips a month.
  • To accommodate our expansion and to offer greater flexibility to possible future members, we are introducing a “Casual Driver” option to new users.
  • We are eliminating all additional drivers deposits. From now on, add drivers to any member account for only $25.
  • Day rates have been simplified. A maximum number of hours will be charged  per day (10hrs weekdays/15hrs weekends). All kilometre charges will be applied.

What this looks like:

For more information visit our rates page or contact us directly: [email protected]