Fuel Rebate for Dec 2014, New Fuel Rebate Policy.


As we all know, fuel makes up the majority of a vehicle’s operational expense. In the month of December, Peg City Car Co-op paid $0.83/L of fuel in the operation of our fleet – our first major decline in fuel prices since our June 2011 launch. Given this unprecedented drop in fuel prices in late 2014, Peg City has issued a rebate of 1.68 cents for every kilometer driven on Member & Plus plans in December 2014. Members can now find this rebate as a credit, already adjusted on their December 2014 invoice, by signing in to our online booking software.

1.68¢ rebated per KM driven  in December 2014

Although this rebate averages 35¢ per trip, the car co-operative is committed to a pricing structure that is attentive to its actual cost of operation.

In addition, our policy on fuel surcharges will now apply as rebates for fuel costs below $1/L purchased. Members on these plans typically pay $0.30/km driven with the carshare. Our base-price of fuel assumed in these rates is $1.20/L. Members are familiar with our fuel surcharge, which states that for every $0.10 above $1.20/L of fuel purchased a surcharge of $0.01/km is added to their mileage. This same policy will now apply as a rebate for every $0.10 below $1/L.