Good Read: A really fat bike: Winnipeg cycling enthusiast creates giant bike image in Red River snow

How fun is this? Any other Winnipeggers out there riding fat bikes throughout the winter?  From

“Tom Kolesnik, a Winnipeg fat bike enthusiast, has taken his love for the bicycles with oversized tires to a whole new level.
He stomped his way across the river behind his house on Kingston Crescent to create a massive fat bike image in the snow.

For Kolesnik, fat biking and being outside are about embracing Winnipeg winters. “We laugh when people say, ‘Winterpeg, man, it’s cold out,’ but we embrace winter by dressing correctly in layers,” he said. “Balaclavas, ski goggles, all the right clothes, and you know what? You can actually have fun at –30 C.”

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