Good Read: Manitoba couple converting used school bus into eco-friendly, affordable home

What a neat transformation! This Manitoba couple is converting a schoolbus into a mobile home.

From the article: “For more than a decade, it hauled students to and from school, field trips and school sports, but now a 2001 International school bus will embark on a new journey to become home for a Manitoba couple eager to escape the cycle of rent and mortgages.

Charlie Martin and Keri West bought the bus on a whim this spring, drawn by the prospect of affordable living and a mortgage-free, rent-free life, as well as the lure of living mobile.

“I  thought that it would be really cool to live in a bus and live mobile,” said Martin, a designer with her own branding agency, Thirteenth and West. “With the work that I do, I can do a lot of mobile stuff.

“We both definitely wanted to be debt-free,” she said, adding that the couple had seen photos on Pinterest and Instagram of the “skoolie” movement, which is what the conversions have been dubbed as they’ve gained momentum in the United States.”

Click here to read the CBC article. 

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