Re:Member – Moving with the times


For many, daily transportation has changed dramatically. The way we move and the reasons we choose to travel are shifting. But when we change how we move, do the costs change too?

The spread of COVID-19 has many reconsidering how and when they choose to walk, bike, bus and drive. By moving safely in a variety of ways, folks can cut costs, while flattening the curve at the same time.

When to Walk, Bike, Bus, and Drive

Could I walk instead? Can I bike where I would have bused? Should I borrow a car instead of owning one?

Every way we move through the city comes with some cost, and level of risk, practicality, and flexibility. We’ve broken down five ways most folks get around by asking these four questions:


I am concerned about my possible exposure to COVID-19. If I have to travel, how might I be exposing myself?


Time, money, and even mental health! How much will it cost to use or access this type of transportation?


I can’t fit four, 48 packs of toilet paper into my backpack and then hop on my bike. How can I get where I want to go in a reasonable time and still carry the things I need?


Can I save money by using this less?


Moving with the times

There are many ways to move with the changing times, and we hope this offers our community some tools for deciding the best and safest times to walk, bike, bus, and drive.

In a nutshell: stay home if you can, walk and bike where possible, bus if you must, drive less, and only pay when you do.

If you are interested in adding carsharing to your multi-modal mix, or you are done paying the high price of car ownership, join Peg City Car Co-op today!


We are closely monitoring the news and government updates regarding COVID-19. We will continue to update our members and community through social media and direct email messaging.

Our chief concern during this time is the safety of our members and staff. For info on how to schedule a pre-booking cleaning or to review our up-to-date COVID-19 policies, please read our official statement here.

As a community, we can all work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by minimizing non-essential travel, practising social distancing, as well as regularly washing and sanitizing our hands.

PCCC strongly recommends that members and passengers clean/sanitize their hands upon entry and exit of a vehicle. When possible, use an alcohol-based disinfectant to wipe areas down and to disinfect your hands if you don’t have access to soap and water. More than ever, it is important that members do not leave any waste in vehicles.

If you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, or feel any symptoms commonly associated with the illness (e.g. fever, sore throat, cough), please follow guidelines set out by Manitoba Health.

Working together, we can help keep each other safe!