Good Read: National Housing Strategy a Way to Change Face of Neighbourhood

Our ears (or eyes?) are burning! In this article about the federal government’s 10-year, $40-billion plan and the future of affordable, sustainable housing, the “car-sharing strategy” mentioned is Peg City Car Co-op. We already have one vehicle at the Old Grace Housing Co-operative, and we’ll be adding a second one in 2018.

From the Winnipeg Free Press:

“The federal government hopes to attract private and public partners to create innovative solutions to providing affordable housing. An inspiring example of such a project nearing completion in Winnipeg is the Old Grace Housing Co-operative on Arlington Street in Wolseley. A former hospital site that typically would hold about 14 single detached homes will instead provide 60 affordable units with up to four bedrooms.”

old grace housing co-operative on arlington street in wolseley

“Built close to transit routes and incorporating car-sharing strategies, the project combines premium-market, affordable and rent-geared-to-income suites, organized throughout the building without any identifiable hierarchy to promote a sense of equality and inclusivity. ”

Click here to read the full article.

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