Good Read: Pop-Ups!

Pop-ups are popping up everywhere. Have you taken the time to enjoy some sunshine this summer in one of the two pop-up parks the Downtown Biz has organized? There’s still time! These beautiful mini-parks each fit in the space of three parking spots, and bring more life to the area than an empty vehicle does. Click here for the events listing for the month of August. These two parks can be found in Winnipeg at Kennedy Street + Graham Avenue, and Hargrave Street + Portage Avenue.

Here’s a neat take on the parking-spot-parks from Holland:

“As cities are getting more dense, owning a private vehicle will not be possible for urban dwellers in the future. Adding some more green to the streets of The Hague is a nice side-effect, but the project’s aim goes way beyond that. Walter Dresscher, who works for the city government, explains that the citizens who participate will give car-sharing, public transport and biking a chance.”

Click here to read the full article from Pop-Up City Or learn more from the Guardian

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