Good Read: say goodbye rollie-metal-money-blender!

Not to toot our own horn, but this CBC article offers some great insight into the decision not to own a car, and the transportation alternatives that support a car free lifestyle in Winnipeg.

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Do you know how much your car is costing you? Going car-free saved one Manitoban more than she expected

To own or not to own:

One of the most obvious reasons being the cost of purchase, depreciation, insurance, fuel, parking, maintenance and repair.

“According to [Statistics Canada’s] Household Spending Survey, the average cost of private transport in Canada is $11,433 a year.”​ 

Peg City takes care of all of these costs, which are covered by the hourly and per km rates that members pay. You just make a booking, drive where you need, and drop it off when you are done!

So, if you have been experiencing a looming sensation every time you get stuck in traffic, thinking, “how much am I really spending on my car?” Don’t worry! Erin has taken a look and found that between walking, busing, biking, and carsharing “she spent $2,200 on transportation last year, vs. an estimated $8,600 to own a car​”

$6,400: Money in the pocket!


Other perks

But why else? What other good could tossing the ol’ explosion wagon do for you and your community?

Here are a few key lifestyle, and environmental benefits you might consider:

– Using a variety of methods of transportation to get from A to B, means more walking, biking, fresh air and physical activity.

– A more diverse transportation network reduces congestion, saving you time and reduces wear and tear on public infrastructure.

– We are in a climate crisis and need to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road emitting CO2. ***Individual action cannot be the only way we address the climate crisis, which is why innovative businesses and progressive city planning are needed to support environmentally conscious lifestyles***

Status Quo, Yo: 

The article highlights that, for many people, car ownership has always been a fact of living in a Winter city.​ Which is fair. Our city is laid out flat and wide and designed for cars, so many folks can’t access alternatives like carsharing or biking to work.

Our fleet primarily covers the downtown core of Winnipeg, and we acknowledge our services may not be compatible with everyone transportation needs. ​

However, for those, seeking freedom from owning a rollie-metal-money-blender, consider the words of Professor Linovski​:  “If you just try it you’re going to feel lifestyle improvements beyond just the cost savings.”​​

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