Good Read: The Future of Mobility in Cities: Multimodal and Integrated


A few colourful and concise thoughts on getting around to jump start this short work week. Enjoy!

From “Sustainable, inclusive, prosperous, and resilient cities depend on transportation that facilitates the safe, efficient and pollution-free flow of people and goods, while also providing affordable, healthy, and integrated mobility for all. Innovative shared and autonomous transportation services can have profound impacts on community quality of life and resident’s access to opportunity.

A new international working group developed the following ten principles to guide urban decision-makers and stakeholders toward the best outcomes for the transition to new mobility options.”

“We prioritize people over vehicles. The mobility of people and not vehicles shall be in the center of transportation planning and decision-making. Cities shall prioritize walking, cycling, public transport and other efficient shared mobility, as well as their interconnectivity. Cities shall discourage the use of cars, single-passenger taxis, and other oversized vehicles transporting one person.”

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