Good Read: Uber and Lyft Should Pay for the Streets


Uber is coming to Winnipeg. With it comes the good, bad and the ugly.

While many are excited about Uber’s appearance in Winnipeg, few recognize the many drawbacks of the service. Mounting research indicates that Uber cannibalizes more sustainable transportation options and puts more cars on the road. Some jurisdictions have been so bold as to push Uber out of their cities.

Short of such drastic decisions, municipalities can use Uber as a springboard to discuss how we pay for our roads and the equitability of our transportation systems. It’s time that road users start paying for the public roadways and a great place to start is with ride-hailing services like Uber. Imagine where that revenue could go (cough Winnipeg Transit cough)? Check out how Sao Paulo has used the relentless march of technological change to generate revenue for city coffers:

“A sliding scale was established—more if in the city center during peak hours with only one passenger; less for more passengers, cars in underserved areas, electric vehicles, women drivers, and accessible vehicles.”

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