How to Use Our New Shell Fuel Cards

The next time you fuel up a Peg City vehicle, you’ll find a Shell fuel card in the glove box! These cards can be used to pay at the pump at any gas station in Canada, providing our members with greater flexibility, convenience, and ease.

While the process is simple, there are a few changes, so read on for a step-by-step guide to fuelling up!

The fuel card is in the zip pouch inside the glove box. It should work at any fuel retailer in Canada, so long as they have a pay-at-the-pump option. We ask that you have another form of payment along with you, just in case there’s an issue with the card and you need to pay out of pocket (more on how to get reimbursed later). Note that the Shell cards won’t work for in-store purchases.

Follow the instructions at the terminal to pay at the pump! Find the PIN for each card in your booking notes when you log into the site and click on your booking for details.

Please only fuel up using regular fuel and note that the cards have a $100 limit.

And we’re off! Fill that tank!

Once the tank is full, you’re done. No need to save the receipt and no log book entry to complete. Just put the card back in its spot and drive.

If, for whatever reason, you can’t pay with the Shell fuel card, please pay out of pocket, take a photo of your receipt and email it to us at [email protected]. Items like wiper fluid must be purchased out of pocket and reimbursed later.

For proper reimbursement, the receipt must be clear, itemized, and show the date and time of the transaction. Our Member Services team will add the credit to your account from there.

That’s everything! For a bit more detail and a silly instructional video, head to our Instagram page and follow along!

P.S. We’re on TikTok too!

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