Introducing: Car #9!

Something very exciting happened on Friday evening, we added a ninth car to the fleet! This brand new Honda Fit is located at 511 River, near the corner with Nassau Street.

Car 9 (1)

This car is important for a number of reasons. First, we just completed our member survey —  there was an overwhelming request for another vehicle in Osborne Village. Our membership has been rising steadily (240!) and demand has been increasing with it, so we we are pleased to provide a second option for members living in our busiest neighbourhood.

Second,  it marks our first agreement to sell carsharing as a service on-site for building developers. Agreements such as this allow developers to substantially reduce their parking requirements  for residents and encourage them to bike, walk, bus and sometimes drive as an integral part of where they live and what they do.  It also helps encourage density in established neighbourhoods — something we would like to see more of. We’ve been working on this agreement since 2009!  We expect this to be the first agreement of many.

Car 9 (2)

One final note: we will be selling investment shares again this year!  We are officially only 2 cars away from our 2014 goal of 11 cars serving 350 members! Check back here in the next few weeks to learn more about how you can help us grow through investing, while earning a 30% tax credit from the Province.


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