Invest with Peg City Car Co-op

Peg City Car Co-op is excited to be offering an investment opportunity…

We’ve been approved to sell $300,000 in investment shares!

When Peg City first launched, we had 3 cars in 1 neighbourhood. Today, we have 40 vehicles in 9 neighbourhoods, and over 1400 users! We’ve also diversified our fleet to include family vans, trucks, and a cargo van. By 2020, we plan on expanding to 55 vehicles and 2000 users. Your investment will help get us there!

Get a 45% Tax Credit
Thanks to the Province of Manitoba’s Community Enterprise Development (CED) Tax Credit Program, you can earn a 45% refundable tax credit, whether you’re investing $100 or $5000. Even if you have zero tax liability, you’ll still get a credit! Plus, your investment can potentially earn dividends up to 3%.

Contact us today and share in the savings!

For more information, visit

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