Keeping it clean with our Fleet Manager, Will Belford


Our Fleet Manager Will offers some insight on Peg City’s enhanced sanitizing efforts and tips on how to stay safe using Co-op cars for essential travel.

A message from our Fleet Manager

Hi I’m Will, Fleet Manager here at Peg City Car Co-op. If you’ve been watching our stories you know that we’ve doubled down on washing and sanitizing the vehicles. 

As information has become available we have responded. We mobilized all available staff and sanitized our entire fleet as fast as we could. Moving forward, we will continue to visit vehicles five times faster than usual. Any time a vehicle is washed, serviced, or inspected: it is sanitized.

We want you to have confidence in using the cars. When sanitizing surfaces we are focusing on touch points. We’re aiming to be as thorough as possible. Every handle, lever, buckle, and button will be cleaned. Including seat adjustment levers and seat-belts!

We are cleaning the cars using disinfectant products chosen for their proven virus killing efficacy. They include a commercial disinfectant used in hospital and food service industry, Spray Nine heavy duty cleaner, and good old alcohol. Some of these products may leave a film on surfaces. While it may be visible, it does not mean the vehicle is unclean.

“Everything that can be touched is being sanitized

A special thanks to our members who have contacted me to offer their help sanitizing cars, and suggesting places to sanitize in the car. We are all doing our part and your help is greatly appreciated!

There are many ways that our members can help reduce their own risk of spreading COVID-19. We ask that all members wash or sanitize their hands before entering and upon exiting Peg City vehicles, suggest bringing disinfecting wipes, in case you need to spot clean. We are also offering pre-booking sanitizing for at-risk folks, and any booking over 24 hrs in length. (details below)

Our top priority is the safety of our Members, staff, and community as a whole. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our services.

Will Belford
Fleet Manager, PCCC

Peg City Car Co-op’s new cleaning services

To minimize the spread of COVID-19, we are taking extra steps to sanitize our vehicles. While PCCC’s vehicles are cleaned regularly, we have implemented new cleaning standards that focus on disinfecting high-touch places in each vehicle. While we are maintaining our regular full wash cycle, we have also started going to cars as frequently as possible to clean key touch points. This means our team is attempting to go to each car every couple of days, and sooner if possible.

Pre-booking Sanitization:

In addition to our recent fortification in sanitation efforts, Peg City Car Co-op is now offering pre-booking vehicle sanitization for bookings at least 24 hours in length, as well as any booking for those who are, or are living with, at risk or immune-suppressed individuals. This will be based on an honour system. No explanation required!

While we social distance, PCCC understands that people still need to get around safely to buy groceries, go to a doctors appointment, or just get outside for a little while. We hope this program will help those who are most at risk.

To request your pre-booking cleaning, Please provide us with a minimum of 24 hrs notice via email [email protected] or phone (204) 793-3912. Or, simply reply to your booking confirmation email.

For now we will only be offering the program Monday to Friday on bookings that start between 8 am and 6 pm.