Meet our Partners: Little Sister Coffee Maker


We have partnered with some of Winnipeg’s best local joints for our Shop Local, Earn Credit campaign…and we want you to meet them!


This week we met up with Vanessa Stachiw, co-owner of Little Sister Coffee Maker located in Osbourne Village:

Congrats on the opening of Winnipeg’s newest coffee house! Can you tell us how Little Sister started? What is the significance of the name?

Vanessa: Thank you so much! The idea of Little Sister entered our brains over a year ago. Nils and I had wanted to open a shop together and to contribute our vision of what we wanted to see in Osborne Village. The time seemed right, so we leapt into it. The name refers to both myself, because I am a little sister (to three lovely gals), and the shop being a little sister to Parlour Coffee (which Nils owns and where I worked since the day it opened). Also, referring to people and a shop as a coffee maker is funny.


It does have a ring to it. So, in your opinion, do you think coffee culture in Winnipeg has changed or evolved over the years?

Vanessa: Coffee culture is definitely growing and changing here in Winnipeg. What’s interesting is that the coffee culture seems to have made a shift to focusing on the importance of the region / sourcing of coffee and the way in which it is prepared versus the older coffeehouse model which simply had coffee on the menu. Coffee is also becoming not only a necessity but also a hobby which contributes greatly to coffee culture as it creates a dialogue surrounding not only what is in our cups but also what is happening in the coffee industry. It’s all very exciting!

And finally why is shopping locally in Winnipeg important?

Vanessa: Local shops make our city more unique and definitely more fun.


Pick up your promocard at any of our participating partners, like Little Sister, and get a stamp for each purchase you make. Once your promocard is full, redeem it with us for a $10 Driving Credit. For more info, click here!