Meet our Partners: Organic Planet Workers Co-op


We have partnered with some of Winnipeg’s best local joints for our Shop Local, Earn Credit campaign…and we want you to meet them!

Meet Sam, a Co-op Worker at Organic Planet Workers Co-op, located at 877 Westminister St:


Why is shopping locally in Winnipeg important?

Sam: Winnipeg and its surrounding area is home to a multitude of farmers, producers, artists, and peddlers of all varieties. This network of support contained within the city’s community, food-related or otherwise, is crucial to everyone involved, be they buyers or sellers. As consumers, purchasing local products keeps resources and opportunities in the hands of those actively contributing to the city’s economic well-being.

Now that we have moved into Winter, what kind of delicious foods can we expect at Organic Planet?

Sam: The winter months may present a challenge to the availability of some fresh produce, but never fear. Local mushrooms are always coming in, and root vegetables, such as our local varieties of beets and potatoes, are of superb quality. Cold weather also beckons the return of our deli’s famous soups. Hearty, fragrant and lovingly prepared every morning, they’re staples of a comforting Wolseley lunch.

Tell us a little about why Organic Planet decided to structure itself as a co-operative?

Sam: Organic Planet’s current location has been the site of a handful of similar grocery stores, but the current incarnation has been in place for ten years. The idea is simple: the folks who banded together to form OP wanted to support each other and create a workplace where respect and equality was held above all. This ideal has since remained at the forefront of the store’s dynamic. All workers are paid the same wage, decisions are made by consensus, tasks are not handed down from superiors but managed by members, according to strengths and interests. The benefits, both in the running of the store and in the lives of members, are immeasurable.


Pick up your promocard at any of our participating partners, like Organic Planet, and get a stamp for each purchase you make. Once your promocard is full, redeem it with us for a $10 Driving Credit. For more info, click here