Meet our Partners: Parlour


We have partnered with some of Winnipeg’s best local joints for our Shop Local, Earn Credit campaign…and we want you to meet them!

This week we caught up with Nils Vik, coffee veteran and owner of Parlour Coffee, located at 468 Main St:


Why is shopping locally in Winnipeg important?                                                                                                                             

Nils: Shopping locally is important because it contributes to the vibrancy of our great city.


From the onset, Parlour has created a space to showcase local art. Can you tell us about the artist and work featured this month?

Nils: Right now at Parlour we are showing the work of Kristin Nelson who is currently pursuing her MFA at Concordia in Montreal. Her latest work is a series of hand-woven cotton replicas of paper. Specifically, she has created fabric representations of graph paper, ruled paper, and legal paper. Although the graphic quality is visually minimal from a distance, the work is wildly intricate and incredibly smart.

Parlour was the first coffee house of its kind. What continues to be your favourite aspect of coffee culture in Winnipeg?

Nils: My favourite aspect of coffee culture in Winnipeg is the excitement surrounding this relatively new offering and the excellent people it brings together.


Pick up your promocard at any of our participating partners, like Parlour, and get a stamp for each purchase you make. Once your promocard is full, redeem it with us for a $10 Driving Credit. For more info, click here!