Welcome to our carsharing community.

As a member, you now have 24/7 access to our entire fleet of vehicles! Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about carsharing and terms of use.

Please read through the full Member Manual and watch the video tutorial at the end of this orientation.



If you’re waiting on your account activation, take fifteen to go over our orientation so you can be confident when you make your first booking. If your account is already active,  this is the perfect time to take a seat and review our orientation.

Some important things to know: 

You can access our vehicles with your key fob or the app. 

You can only drive our vehicles if you’re registered with us. If you’re on our Member Plan, adding drivers is easy. Just send your friends and family to this link to add them to your account as an additional driver.

Remember you need a valid licence to drive. You must inform us of any suspensions.

Our vehicles cannot be used as a taxi or for any third-party delivery services (think Skip The Dishes). 

Peg City offers two kinds of carsharing, round-trip and free-floating. 

Round-trip carsharing is our traditional offering. Each of these vehicles (we call them FIX) has a home station. You must reserve them in advance with a predetermined start and end time. When your time is up, the vehicle must be returned to its station.

Free-floating carsharing, which we call FLO, allows you to use the app to block out the nearest car to you up to thirty minutes in advance, drive where you need to, then return that same vehicle to any legal spot in our designated FLO Zone. (You don’t need to return it to the same parking stall!)

We’ll summarize the key differences between FIX and FLO as we go along. Note that these cars are not interchangeable. If you book a FIX car, you must return it to its original location before your booking time is up.