Multi-day Seat Sale

As our community begins to social distance for the next little while, we are looking at ways to help our members maintain safe and reliable access to vehicles. That’s why we are offering 10% off multi-day bookings.


The purpose of the sale is not to entice unnecessary activity. We have introduced a multi-day seat sale and increased the maximum booking length to two weeks, to help our members through this difficult time.

By accessing a vehicle for longer, our members can ensure that the vehicle is safe for them to use and can help with planning essential trips. Longer bookings will also help our fleet team better plan vehicle disinfections.

That is why during the weekends of March 27th-30th, and April 10th-13th , we are having a seat sale on select vehicles for those looking to have more consistent access to a vehicle, to get out of town for a weekend trip to a family cabin, or maybe go on a hike. We know our friends at Falcon Lake Trails Resort are taking extra precautions to keep guests safe.




When you book the following cars for a minimum of 2 days or more and a drive a minimum of 200 km, you will receive 10% off the entire booking. Simply send us an email with your booking confirmation once your booking is complete and we will process your discount.


South Osborne – 625 Osborne, #21 (Van)

Wolseley – 970 Portage Ave, #54

 St. Boniface – 112 Marion Street, #44

Exchange District – 80 Lombard, #18

Downtown –  Broadway and Garry #10

Osborn Village – 422 Gertrude Ave, #48

**Important Note**

We have implemented additional sanitation efforts. We encourage all members to wash/sanitize their hands each time they enter or exit one of our vehicles. If possible use wipes to sanitize high touch areas. We reimburse washing costs and provide credit for the extra effort.

Please remember that people should stay home if possible, and to use vehicles wisely.

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