New Booking Software: Login and Desktop Tutorial


Anytime after 9:00 am on April 26, 2023, all Peg City members will be using our new booking software to make bookings and manage account details. We’re here with a two-part tutorial. First, we’ll lead you through logging in for the first time by desktop or app. Next, we break down how to make bookings and manage payments from your desktop computer.


Logging In 

Remember, our old login page goes down at 10:00 pm on April 25th. You may need to change bookmarks, clear your cache, etc, if navigating from your web browser.

Download the app or go to and click “Log in.” Follow the Forgot your password? link.

Enter the email address associated with your Peg City account. If the email matches the one in our system, you will get a confirmation message. (Don’t forget to check your spam folder!)

You’ll find a reset password email in your inbox. Click the reset password link, enter a password that meets the criteria, then press the green check mark. You’ll be sent to the website from there!

Reset Password

Making Bookings From the Desktop Site

The rest of this tutorial applies to the desktop site only. The app will lead you through a tutorial of its own the first time you log in.

Select the search icon on the top menu bar, and follow these steps to make your booking.

  1. Select a start and end date/time. The minimum booking time is one hour, and you can reserve up to six months in advance.
  2. Choose how you want to search for vehicles (e.g. according to address, selected stations, or preferred stations).
  3. Choose any accessories you wish to filter by. 

You can search by grid or map. With map search, you’ll see cars based on your home address by default.

Once you’ve entered your search, vehicle pins will populate the map. Bold green pins indicate available vehicles that meet your criteria, faded green pins are available but don’t match all your accessory criteria (ex., vehicle type, bike racks, AWD, if applicable), and grey pins indicate vehicles that are not available during your selected time. You can adjust your times on the map to see what else becomes available.

When using grid search, select the station you want to book using the Preferred Stations dropdown. (Go to Profile>Preferences>Preferred Stations to customize your preferred stations.) You can sort by neighbourhood or station name or number and look for the vehicle nearest to your address on file. You can also adjust your start and end times from a grid search, add hours to the calendar, and request to view more stations. Once you’ve found the vehicle that meets your needs, select Reserve.

Managing Payments

You can manage all your important account information from the Home or Account tabs on the desktop.

Key areas to note are the Payment Method tab, where you can update or add a credit card; Balance & Transactions, where you’ll find an ongoing list of the charges and payments made to your account; Monthly Statement, where you’ll find your latest invoice; and Make a Payment, which you can use for one-time, manual payments.

Changing Plans

You can now switch between the Member and Member Plus plans directly from your account. You have the option to toggle between plans on a monthly basis, and if you realize that you wish you’d selected a different plan as the month unfolds, you can backdate the change to the start of the current month.

Remember that the Member Plus plan is best suited to people who book fifteen hours or more a month.

Both Casual and Member drivers can request to upgrade or downgrade their plans between accounts directly from the new software. Our Member Services Team will contact you to confirm the change.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoy the new software! After logging in on the morning of April 26th, you’re all set to make bookings and drive! Please remember to double-check the accuracy of any future bookings that were transferred over to the new software.

Our next big communications push will come in June when we launch our brand-new free-floating service! (Don’t worry! Your favourite vehicles will still be around. The free-floating launch will simply add 35 free-floating cars to our pre-existing fleet.)

Until then, happy carsharing! If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback on the booking software, we’re all ears.