Updated: Notice of AGM and Call for Nominations

Hello Members!

Please note that the Peg City Car Co-op 2018 Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13, 2019, at 6:00pm.
UPDATED: Bios have been added for the nominees who are seeking to join our board, as well as a link to the minutes from our 2017 AGM. Thank you!

Link: Peg-City-2017-AGM-Minutes

The meeting will be held at 402- 460 Main Street and we invite you all to come out and meet our staff, the board of directors, and of course, some of your fellow members!

We will review the past year, talk about plans for the future, and elect the directors for the coming year. Drinks and light refreshments will be served.

Below you’ll find the Agenda and the Call for Nominations for our Board of Directors. To RSVP, please email us at [email protected].

Thank you,

Sean Madden, President

A. Agenda for the 2018 Annual General Meeting to be held at 402- 460 Main Street, Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 6:00pm:

1. Welcome and Introductions (Sean Madden, President)
2. Approval of minutes from 2017 AGM (Sean Madden, President)
3. Review and Approval of Agenda (Sean Madden, President)
4. Report: Review of Operations (Philip Mikulec, Operations Manager)
5. Report: Review and Approval of Financial Statements and Audit (Aaron Russin, Treasurer)
6. Appointment of Auditor (Aaron Russin, Treasurer)
7. Board Nominations, Open from the Floor (Sean Madden, President)
8. Election of the Board of Directors (Sean Madden, President)
9. Other Business
10. Adjournment

B. Call for Nominations, 2018 AGM (APPLICATION FORM)

Peg City Car Co-op is governed by its elected board of eight (maximum) Director positions. Board members volunteer about 5 hours of work per month, depending on the time of year, and chair or contribute to at least one of four committees. At each Annual General Meeting, four Directors are elected to the board from the membership for a two-year term.

This year there are three vacancies, and one incumbent Director seeking re-election. At this time the board is particularly seeking candidates with legal, human resources, and finance expertise, though anyone with energy and a vision for Peg City Car Co-op are encouraged to submit. Only share-holding members are eligible to sit on the board. Please fill out the Nomination form below if you’re interested in running for election. Nominations will be closed on March 6, 2019.

Directors seeking re-election:

Dayna Kroeker

2018 AGM Nominations:

Dayna Kroeker (Vice President)
Dayna joined the Peg City board in Spring 2016, is the current Vice President, as well as a member of both Finance and Marketing Committees. Dayna holds a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Environmental Science from the University of Manitoba, and has worked as the marketing coordinator for Winnipeg’s oldest architecture firm, MMP Architects, since 2013. In addition, she has filled a marketing and graphic communications role for a variety of local organizations including Fruit Share, Food Matters Manitoba, and the Environmental Conservation Lab at the University of Manitoba.

Basia Sokal
I’ve been a letter carrier with Canada Post since 2009 but I have extensive experience and training through my union. (Ex. grievance, labour standards, communications and public relations, media/press training, organizing, education and facilitation). I also have a BA, BSc and speak French and Polish. I was chair of our workplace health and safety committee (2013-2017). I was Vice President of my local union (CUPW) from 2015-2016 before taking a leave of absence for my current elected role. I am currently on leave as the elected full time president of the Winnipeg Labour Council where I manage campaigns and paid staff and am part of a board of ten executive members. A big part of my work is lobbying city hall as well as MPs (sometimes MLAs if I really have to) and working with the community to push progressive policy. I work with unions to better the lives of working people in our city and many other community and partner organizations. I do a lot of planning/organizing community events  (women’s march, Labour Day picnic, May Day, etc.) and working with NGOs and non-profits.
– Volunteer interpreter (French and Polish) with MB Start since 2008
– Board member of United Way Winnipeg – Campaign Cabinet 2017, 2018 & 2019
– Board Member and Treasurer of the Community Unemployed Help Centre (CUHC) – Since January 2017
– Board of Directors – North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) since June 2018
– Co-chair of the 1919 Centennial Committee (Winnipeg General Strike).
– Currently working on starting up a Residents Association in my neighbourhood.

I love the outdoors! The environment is a big deal to me and so are human rights, worker rights and anything that advances us as a society in a good way. I love animals (especially dogs), Old Dutch chips, travelling, camping and public services.

Riel Moar
Over the previous 5 years I have worked as an internal auditor at IG Wealth Management. In this capacity, I have worked on numerous audits within the company, mainly focused on financial operations within the organization. This past fall, I successfully completed the CPA Common Final Examination and am in the process of completing the practical experience requirements to obtain my CPA designation this summer. In the past, I have volunteered as a youth soccer coach with Winnipeg South End United Soccer Club.

In my free time, I enjoy watching hockey and soccer. Additionally, I have a passion for travelling whenever possible, as well as travel hacking. This passion has allowed me to experience incredible places such as Western Europe, Southeast Asia and Iceland. I am also working on plans to travel to Jordan and Dubai this fall. Furthermore, I love to read and have recently developed an interest in personal finance.

Avery Quinn
Over the last decade I’ve participated in a number of ventures as an author, public speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant and event organizer. In 2014, I founded Homegrown Labs Ltd., a software & design consultancy based here in Winnipeg. During the day-to-day, we help financial service & healthcare companies build information dashboards for managing loans and clinical trials in North America and Europe. Our clients are based on the West & East coasts of the US and we collaborate with developers & designers around the globe. On the side, I’ve participated in a number of successful community endeavours. Some of my crowing achievements are writing/publishing/editing a book written by over 50 contributors, creating & running a 200-person online conference with attendees from 5 continents, facilitating and community-managing a number of major open-source projects.

I’m a transgender woman originally hailing from Regina, SK. After five years in Winnipeg and a “West-coast” crisis of faith last year, however, I’m more happy than ever to call Winnipeg home. I love to create; some of my favourite hobbies are playing Mandolin, making electronic music, cooking, and hand-tool woodworking.

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