Peg City Car Co-op Doubles Fleet


Peg City Car Co-op Doubles Fleet, Serves More Neighbourhoods Thanks to Local Investors

WINNIPEG (May 21, 2013)—Peg City Car Co-op is doubling its fleet of fuel-efficient carshare vehicles located around central Winnipeg neighbourhoods. The city’s first and  only carshare is expanding its service to include West Broadway, Corydon Village, The University of Winnipeg, and further into Downtown Winnipeg. This builds on existing locations at the Legislative grounds, Osborne Village, and South Osborne. Expanding into more neighbourhoods means carsharing will become a practical option for more Winnipeggers.

Approaching its second anniversary, Peg City Car Co-op has grown to 140 members and counting. Continued growth is anticipated with the fleet expansion to 8 vehicles, which already includes an electric Chevrolet Volt.  The latest vehicle locations include: 125 Sherbrook Street (Resource Assistance for Youth), 708 Jessie Avenue (Bluestem Housing Co-op), Good Street (Buhler Centre – UWinnipeg) and at Garry Street and Broadway (next to Cambrian Credit Union).

The expansion is all thanks to $66,000 raised from individual Manitobans who purchased investment shares in the local car co-op. Through the Province’s  Community Enterprise Tax Credit (CED) program, Manitoba investors received a 30% personal income tax credit. This successful campaign is part of Peg City’s goal to reach a fleet of 11 cars, serving 350 members, by the end of 2014.

“This is a big step for the car co-op. By doubling our fleet, we can expand the carshare network to serve more neighbourhoods and provide even better service for our existing members.” says Shoni Litinsky, President of Peg City Car Co-op’s board. “It’s a key part of our overall strategy to provide the “Sometimes Drive” option for Winnipeg residents who get around primarily by biking, walking and taking the bus but want occasional access to a car. It feels really great to have local individual investors show their support and help make carsharing possible in more Winnipeg neighbourhoods.”

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