Peg City Car Co-op goes electric!


Partners with IBEX Payroll to introduce EV into fleet


August 28, 2012 (Winnipeg)–Driving an electric vehicle (EV) is now an option for more Winnipeggers without the hefty price tag of purchasing one. This morning, Peg City Car Co-op and IBEX Payroll announced their partnership to introduce a 2012 Chevrolet Volt into the car co-op’s existing fleet of fuel efficient cars.

Says Melissa Dupuis, vice-president of the board for Peg City Car Co-op, “We are thrilled with our partnership with IBEX Payroll. It allows Peg City Car Co-op to showcase the benefits of electric vehicles on a day-to-day basis, while providing our members with the latest in environmental technology.”

The Volt is owned by IBEX Payroll but registered and insured by Peg City Car Co-op as one of its fleet vehicles. The EV and its charging station are located at IBEX Payroll’s office building at 421 Mulvey Ave East, just south of the Osborne Underpass near the Rapid Transit station. Other business tenants in the building are automatically eligible to become members of Peg City Car Co-op as part of the partnership.

Says Darryl Stewart, CEO and owner of IBEX Payroll, “We are personally and corporately keen to see more sustainable transportation options available for Winnipeggers. Our partnership with Peg City Car Co-op is a way to allow more people to become familiar with electric vehicles and experience them first-hand.”

The world’s first electric vehicle with extended range, the 2012 Chevrolet Volt can travel up to 80 km on pure electric power stored in onboard batteries with additional travel covered by electricity generated through a four cylinder motor. This distance is a perfect fit for Peg City Car Co-op members, who average 20-25 km on a given trip, while ensuring they will not be limited by distance.

About Peg City Car Co-op:

Launched in June 2011, Peg City Car Co-op pioneered carsharing in Winnipeg. Peg City provides affordable, convenient access to shared vehicles on an hourly basis without the hassles and expense of individual car ownership. It can allow families the flexibility to avoid purchasing a second household vehicle and businesses a cost effective option for employee travel. Peg City Car Co-op is committed to making it easy and affordable for Winnipeggers to “Bike. Walk. Bus. And Sometimes, Drive.” Now our members can “Sometimes, Drive Electric.” Learn more at:

For interviews or media requests to test ride Peg City Car Co-op’s EV, please contact:

Aaron Russin |  Member Service Coordinator, Peg City Car Co-op
T: (204) 793-3912 / [email protected]