2015: Peg City Car Co-op Issues a New Round of Investment Shares! SOLD OUT.


Peg City Car Co-op has issued $87,500 in investment shares to support expansion of its fleet. The purchase deadline is December 13, 2015.

New vehicles added in 2013

The offering is being issued under the Province’s Community Enterprise Development  (CED) Tax Credit program. Manitoba resident investors and eligible corporations can receive a 45% income tax credit on their investment.

This investment drive builds on two previous share offerings issued by the car co-op. An initial offering in 2012 raised $66,500 and assisted Peg City to grow its fleet from 4 to 9 vehicles. The following year, a second round raised an additional $46,000. The success of these campaigns has assisted Peg City to grow to 18 cars which are shared by 550 members.

“These shares offer a great opportunity for Manitobans who want to invest their money in a local business,” says Liz Dykman, Board President. “Purchasing shares not only allows the carshare to expand, it also allows investors to take advantage of the amazing 45% income tax credit offered by the Province.”

Individual investment shares are $100 each and can be purchased in multiples. Interested investors should contact Peg City Car Co-op directly or visit