Peg City Fast Facts: Membership

Here are 5 fast facts about the perks of becoming a shareholding member of Peg City Car Co-op!

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Flexible Billing

Becoming a member of the co-op means simplifying your lifestyle. Members can book cars whenever they need and receive a single monthly invoice.

Our member plans offer flexible payment options, including credit cards, etransfer, electronic bill payments (if you are a credit union member) and cheque.

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Member to Member +

When you purchase a member share, you can switch between Member and Member + plans any month you choose. Take advantage of the rates that are right for you.

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Additional Drivers

Each member can add up to 4 additional drivers to their account. This means you can share the driving with a spouse, partner, and even the kids (this little one’s got about 18 years to wait). Drivers do not need to live in the same residence.

Bookings for all drivers are added to a single monthly bill.

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Have your say!

Engage your democratic member rights! Your member shares entitle you to attend our annual general meeting to voice and vote for new board members, or even become one yourself!

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Heading out of town but still hoping to carshare when you get there? Peg City Car Co-op has roaming agreements with carsharing companies like HOURCAR in Minneapolis and Communauto Ontario.

casual to co-op member promotion, earn $75 in driving credit when you upgrade

Switch from Casual to Member and receive a $75 credit!

Upgrade Today Upgrade Today

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