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Peg City provides a flexible transportation solution for businesses of all sizes. Our fleet of cars, trucks, SUVs and cargo vans can be booked online 24/7 to get you where you need to be.

Tired of paying for parking downtown? Sick of messing around with km reimbursements, capital purchases, vehicle maintenance, and insurance?

Our Business Memberships provide each driver with a personal key fob and an online account, allowing them to book a vehicle, where and when they need it. Our software organizes the booking charges for your entire organization and sends you a single monthly invoice.

Give your bookkeeper the day off: start carsharing today!

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Co-Op Member

Co-op Member

For entrepreneurs and small businesses who need occasional access to vehicles: from mom-and-pop to start-ups. Pick up supplies, meet with clients, and minimize capital costs. If you’ve got a project, Peg City has a ride to fit your trip.

Our Co-op Members pay $0 monthly fees, can add drivers to their accounts and have the flexibility to upgrade to Member + any month they choose. Check out our plans page for rates and details.

Co-Op Member+

Co-op Member +

For small teams running flexible, lean operations in the Downtown and core areas of Winnipeg. You are on the go and have diverse needs. Book a car to meet with clients, a truck to pick up materials, or a cargo van to move the big stuff. See pickup locations here.

Access the lowest hourly rates on our Member+ plan! Receive a single monthly invoice and take advantage of convenient payment options. Check out our plans page for rates and details.

Corporate Member

Corporate Membership

For large teams and corporate offices in the downtown/core Winnipeg area.

Make your office more sustainable by incentivizing your employees to bike, walk, or bus to work, while using carsharing instead of personal vehicles to get to important business meetings, pickup/deliver supplies and project materials. You can even offer access to carsharing as an employee perk!

You are looking to save on parking expenses, streamline transportation expense tracking, and keep things organized via a single monthly invoice! Remember, we cover the fuel, insurance, maintenance and more! See rates.

Non Profit Member+

Non-Profit Member+

No matter the size, non-profit organizations are busy serving their community. Avoid the hassle of vehicle purchases, maintenance and operation costs that are not in your mission statement… or budget!

Our Non-Profit Member+ plan gives you 24/7 access to our fleet of vehicles, at our lowest hourly rates and $0 monthly fees. Let us help you avoid the capital purchase of vehicles, save on parking expenses, and manage transportation costs via a single monthly invoice!

Get access to a wide range of vehicles for deliveries, meetings, and project materials. We cover fuel, insurance, maintenance and more!

Contact us to register on our Non-Profit Member + plan!

What’s included

Vehicle Access

24/7 access to our fleet of hatchbacks, trucks, SUVs, mini-vans and cargo vans.


The cost of fuel is always covered by Peg City. Fill up at any fuel retailer in Canada with our Shell fuel card.


Learn more about the damage coverage options that are available to you. 


We clean and sanitize our vehicles on a regular rotation. Learn about our COVID-19 cleaning policies to see how our staff are addressing additional sanitation needs.


Peg City Members can earn driving credits, enjoy discounts with local partners, and get free overnight hours! Check out the Member Perks page to find out more.

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