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Our members can book online anytime, and choose from a diverse fleet of vehicles parked throughout the city. Need to modify or cancel a booking? Here’s how…

We all do our best to plan ahead, but every now and then folks may need to cancel a booking. Our members can cancel a booking anytime by logging in and selecting the booking in question. Cancelling on the go? Give us a call at 204-793-3912. We have staff on-call from 7 am to midnight.

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It’s best to cancel as soon as possible so that other members can make use of the vehicle. As soon as you cancel a booking the car becomes available to other members on our website. If another member books over a portion of your cancelled time, the fees for that time are waived!

Cancellation Rates

Here is a visual list of our cancellation rates for some of our most common scenarios:

Members can cancel any booking for free when they give at least 24 hours notice! Thanks for planning ahead!

We understand, things come up and appointments get cancelled. Suddenly you don’t need a car today! However, due to the short notice, this car may not get used at all, as other members may have made alternate arrangements. When you cancel a booking within less than 24 hours notice, we charge 50% of the hourly booking fees. Remember, if someone else books into your cancelled time, we will remove the cancellation fees.

If you finish your trip early, you are welcome to return the car early and cancel the remaining portion of your booking. When you return a car early, you will be charged 100% for the portion that you used, and 50% for the time you freed up. As soon as you click “I’m done with this car” in our booking software, the car becomes immediately available to other members. If someone else books your unused time, we will remove the cancellation fees.

A No Show is a no-no in our books. Please consider that we have 60 cars serving nearly 1900 members. If you make a booking and forget to use or cancel it, you impact other members and the Co-op as a whole.

Please be mindful of your bookings and cancel if your plans change, so that other members may use the vehicle. If you do not show up, and do not cancel a booking, we apply a rate of 150% of the hourly booking charges.

Other types of cancellations:

Switching cars: Each booking you make is for a specific car. You have to cancel one to book another.

Booked by accident: “Oops! I didn’t mean to book that!” Don’t worry, you can cancel any booking for free within 15 minutes of making it.

Still have questions?

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