Re:Member – Accessorize your ride!

Re:Member, Peg City Car Co-op members have access to an entire fleet of vehicles, with a range of accessories! Here is how to custom tailor your next booking…

various styles of peg city vehicles next to one another in front of the Provencher Bridge in Winnipeg

This month’s topic: Accessories your ride

Our goal at Peg City Car Co-op is to provide a full service carsharing experience! That’s why we have worked on adding as many accessories to select Peg City Vehicles as possible.

Select vehicles offer: Roof racks / bike racks, Trailer hitches (trucks only), Provincial Park Passes and child seats from preemie to 65lbs (coming in March, 2020) . Most vehicles offer heated seats, backup cameras. And ALL of our vehicles offer winter tires!

When booking a vehicle members can easily select for features they want!


Planning your winter getaway, and you need a car with a Provincial park pass, cruise control, heated seats and winter tires? HATCHBACK

Need to pick up 4 kids from hockey practice? VAN

Need to tow a small trailer or haul some lumber? TRUCK

Maybe you just want heated steering, because you deserve it. DONE


We’ve got a ride that fits the trip. Just use the Vehicle Types and Required Features filters when you search for your next booking!

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