Re:Member – Go the distance

Re:Member is a series of helpful tips and reminders for current and future Peg City Car Co-op members.

This month’s topic: Multi-day bookings and long distance trips!

If you’re looking for a way to get out of the city for the afternoon, or maybe for a few days, we’ve the wheels to get you there!

Our Members benefit from free hours between midnight + 7AM, as well as a daily rate cap of 8 hours. That means you can make a booking for 8 hours or longer, and you only pay for 8. Members pay a maximum hourly rate of $39/day, and Member Plus drivers pay just $23/day!

Planning a longer drive? Our per kilometre rate drops from $0.36/km to $0.18 after the first 50 kilometres driven.

Members have the option of switching between the Member Plus plan and the basic Member plan, depending on their personal vehicle needs. For example, some members might drive more in the summer for trips to the cabin, or camping out of town, so jumping up to the Member+ plan for a few months makes sense for them. Try using our Trip Calculator to find the rate that fits your needs.

For those trips out of town, we’re pleased to offer vehicles with roof racks, free access to provincial parks with a 2019 Discovery Pass, discounts on bookings with Falcon Trails Resort and Wilderness Supply, and we often throw a flash seat sale into the mix, just to keep things fresh.

Looking to offset the cost of your trip? You can earn driving credits by tagging + posting photos of your outings! Join our Ambassador Program and earn up to $40 in driving credits each month.

What are you waiting for? Book your summer adventures today!

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