Re:Member – Transporting Pets


Re:Member is a series of helpful tips and reminders for Peg City Car Co-op members.

car with Peg City Car Co-op logo, woman petting her dog

This month’s topic: Transporting Pets!

We allow our Members to bring their pets along for the ride, provided they are in a carrier. If they’re too big to fit in a carrier, they must be transported in the cargo area of the vehicle, with a protective barrier  – like a tarp, blanket, or towel – in between them and the upholstery. We also encourage pet owners to bring a brush or a sticky lint roller with them to make sure that no hair is left behind.

If you’re hauling potted flowers for your garden, bringing toys back from the beach, or coming home from the park with your tuckered-out puppy, the vehicle is going to need more than just a quick tidy. Members should book extra time to stop in at a detailing centre, do a thorough vacuuming (don’t forget to fill out the log book and staple the receipt to it!) and Peg City will reimburse the account in the form of driving credit.

We want carsharing to be a clean, enjoyable experience for everyone – thank you!