Re:Member: Which plan is right for me?

Re:Member is a series of helpful tips and reminders for current and future Peg City Car Co-op members.

This month’s topic: Which plan is right for me?

That depends on how often you need or want to use a car! Carsharing is a great option for those who primarily bike, walk, or bus to get around, but who might need access to a car every now and again. It works for individuals and households, and even for businesses who could use a set of wheels to zip around to meetings and more.

We offer three different plans: Casual, Member, and Member+

The Casual Plan.  Need a car to pick up groceries twice a month? Or to get to the odd appointment that isn’t convenient to bus to? This plan works best for drivers who only need to use a vehicle for a few hours a month, and who aren’t driving long distances. Casual drivers pay $4.50 per month, $9 per hour, and receive 50 free kilometres per day. Kilometres after that are $0.36/km.

The Member Plan. The Member plan is built for individuals and households who might want to use a car for longer bookings, 5-6 times a month. Members pay a one-time, fully refundable share of $500, and there is no monthly fee. Members pay $4.85 per hour, and $0.36 per kilometre driven and that drops to half price after the first 50 kilometres driven.

Members also receive perks that the Casual drivers do not, such as …

• Free overnight hours, from midnight to 7AM
• Hourly rate caps. A 24 hour booking is just $39 for the whole day.
• Booking up to seven days in a row. Great for long weekend trips!
• Guaranteed best rate. If a booking would be cheaper at the Casual pricing, Members automatically receive that price instead.
Discounts from local businesses, driving credits, free concert tickets, and more.

The Member+ Plan. 
Member Plus is just that – a plus for those who are already members! This plan is $30/month, and includes all the same perks as the Member plan, but with a reduced hourly rate of $2.85/hour. Members have the option of switching between this plan and the basic member plan, depending on their personal vehicle needs. For example, some members might drive more in the summer – making multi-day bookings and driving long distances – so jumping up to the Member+ plan for a few months makes sense for them.

If you’re still not sure which plan might be right for you, try using our Trip Calculator to see the difference between prices, and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

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