Summer Seat Sale!

From July 21st-31st receive 15% off your booking with some of our newest cars!

peg city car driving, 15% seat sale, July 21-24th on select vehicles

We are thrilled to be moving forward with our expansion. We now have nearly 60 vehicles! To celebrate, we are offering a seat sale on a selection of our newest editions.

peg city vehicles side by side

From July 21st to 31st we are having a 15% seat sale on select vehicles. So get out of town for a weekend trip, head to the cabin, or maybe go on a hike to explore our many Provincial Parks.

Book one of the following vehicles from and receive 15% off:

West End – 575 McGee St. #55 (Hatchback)

Luxton – Pollock’s Hardware Co-op, 1407 Main St, #66 (Hatchback)

St. John’s– Mosienko Lanes, 1136 Main St, #65 (van & 2020 Provincial Park pass)

St. Boniface Norwood Hotel, 112 marion [B] St, #64 (van & 2020 Provincial Park pass)

Corydon – Corydon and Lilac [B], #62 (van)

Downtown –  80 Lombard, #63 (Hatchback)

Still not a member? Sign up today using our expansion promo code GROW100 for a $100 credit!

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