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As a carsharing co-operative, our members are at the centre of everything we do. The voting period for our board of directors election will continue until midnight on March 23, 2024. Shareholding members will receive an email inviting them to cast their vote. For greater accessibility, elections are being hosted entirely online this year. We’ll announce the results of the election online and at our Annual General Meeting.

Our Annual General Meeting will be hosted in person and online from 6-8pm on April 3rd.

Our Annual General Meeting will be on Wednesday, April 3, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. You may choose to attend in person or online.

📍Sound Bites Room, Lower Level
Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall
555 Main Street

Accessibility Notes

The Manitoba Concert Hall and Sound Bites Room are accessible by wheelchair. The elevator can be accessed from the Concert Hall’s front foyer. Staff will be on hand to guide you should you need the elevator. Washrooms are fully accessible and close by. Auto-transcribed closed captions will be available via the virtual Zoom Webinar and projected in the physical AGM space.

Attendees may choose to mask, but masking is not expected or required.

If you or another requires other accessibility accommodations, please send us an email in advance.

Minutes, Agenda, and Financials

Please find the minutes from last year’s AGM linked here.

You can look over the agenda for this year’s AGM here.

And finally, feel free to review our audited financials from last year here.

Meet Our Incumbent Board Members

headshots of each of our board incumbents, featured in the same order as listed below

Jared Kozak

Jared Kozak, CEO of Karve IT, a company that builds software for large moving companies, is an innovative leader with over six years in the local tech scene. His diverse business acumen ranges from technical implementations to strategic finance. Driven in his approach, Jared has propelled Karve IT from a startup to serving over 25 locations across North America.

Jared is passionate about sustainable living. He’s a regular longboarder around The Village and personally advocates for reducing vehicle dependency. He believes Peg City Car Co-op is pivotal to that vision. Experienced in building scalable feedback cycles for tech companies, Jared was appointed to the board in May of 2023 and is seeking confirmation at this year’s AGM. He’s the ideal candidate to continue helping Peg City Car Co-op perfect its member experience and drive forward the vision of a greener, more connected Winnipeg.

Mark Bauche

A Peg City Car Co-op member for over a decade, Mark Bauche has been a dedicated board member since 2018. He became a Winnipeger in 1999 when he moved from Saskatchewan to Winnipeg to study at the University of Manitoba.

Working as a landscape architect at HTFC Planning & Design, Mark integrates carsharing into his projects. His design philosophy focuses on creating spaces that are sustainable, accessible, and resilient to climate change.

Mark passionately promotes carsharing to those considering a car-light lifestyle. During his third term on the Board of Directors, as Secretary and Chair of the Governance Committee, Mark has successfully overseen bylaw changes and improvements to election procedures. Mark hopes to join our board in his crucial role for a fourth term.

Kelsey Evans

Kelsey works at the University of Manitoba as the Associate Director in the Office of the President. A strategic, results-focused leader, she has 17 years of diversified non-profit, social services, and corporate management experience. She has a robust background in developing and implementing multi-year strategic plans for organizational development. She’s supported Peg City Car Co-op through tremendous growth and innovation during her time on the board. 

A member since 2016, Kelsey joined the Peg City Car Co-op Board of Directors in 2018. She’s served as Vice President and President in the past. She’s also chaired the board’s Human Resource Committee and served on both the Finance and Executive Committees. Currently, she’s a member of the Governance Committee.  

Kelsey bikes around Winnipeg when the weather allows. She commutes to work by bus year-round and loves the convenience of hopping into a FLO car when she needs one. Kelsey is seeking re-election and looks forward to the opportunity to continue to support the organization for another term as a member at large. 

Tamir Bourlas

Tamir Bourlas, Branch Manager at Assiniboine Credit Union McGregor, is a seasoned financial professional and a dedicated advocate for community and cooperative values. For nearly a decade, he has worked tirelessly to promote financial empowerment among individuals and help them reach their goals.

In addition to his role at Assiniboine Credit Union McGregor, Tamir extends his passion for community service through his active involvement as a longstanding member of Peg City Car Co-op’s Board. He has provided insightful leadership for six impactful years, steering the cooperative towards greater success and community impact.

Tamir is deeply passionate about purpose-driven businesses and shared-value opportunities. He believes in the power of businesses to create positive change and actively seeks ways to align his work with meaningful causes and initiatives.

Beyond his professional and community engagements, Tamir enjoys active pursuits. You’ll frequently find him on a squash court or disc golf course.

New Candidates for the Board

Jake Alcayage

Jake Alcayaga developed a passion for agricultural business and entrepreneurship from a young age, nurtured by his farmer parents. He excelled academically and pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Accounting at Ateneo De Naga University.

Jake kickstarted his career journey by joining a cooperative, where he honed his skills as an Operations Assistant before transitioning to an accounting role at the main office. His entrepreneurial spirit and technical expertise quickly propelled him to the position of Financial Assistant.

In addition to his accounting career, Jake ventured into entrepreneurship by becoming an independent contractor for both Uber and Grab. He also founded Hop Transport, with his wife overseeing operations. He supported health organizations and front liners through the pandemic by providing transportation services for nurses, doctors, food workers, and labourers needing shuttle services to work.

Seeking new opportunities and a change of scenery, Jake made the bold decision to relocate to Canada, drawn by its vibrant tech scene, diverse culture, and natural beauty. He’s settled in Manitoba, and is eager to immerse himself in the local community and embark on new adventures.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Jake is known for his warmth and kindness. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring new cuisines, and engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and travelling.

Matt Schaubroeck 

Matt’s been a proud member of Peg City Car Co-op since 2018, and he’s committed to reducing Winnipeg’s dependency on private car ownership.

With over eight years of experience in impact-focused businesses across public and private sectors, Matt is in the process of launching his own consultancy practice to help growing companies realize regenerative business practices while staying sustainable and profitable.

As a former CEO of a data intelligence startup, ioAirFlow, Matt fostered an equity-centered culture and implemented growth strategies, raising significant sums for the business. Matt transitioned to the role of COO after ioAirFlow was acquired by PremiseHQ. There, he managed a $2 million budget and enhanced operational capabilities. With an MBA from the Asper School of Business, Matt is adept at overseeing financial statements and navigating business-government relations.

He’s excited by the opportunity to enhance the Co-op’s impact and footprint and is ready to leverage his experience with organizational growth by serving on the Board.

Jeffrey Patteson

Jeff has been involved with Peg City Car Co-op in a few different ways. While working at ACU, he was Peg City’s account manager for several years. He’s also participated in the Co-op’s investment share program and joined as a member in 2023.

Jeff is passionate about community economic development and the environment. He is an experienced financial professional with more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Jeff has been a branch manager and commercial account manager and currently works at SEED Winnipeg Inc.

With previous board experience, Jeff contributed to creating the non-profit organization Rainbow Trout Music Festival and establishing the Assiniboine Credit Union Emerging Leaders Committee.

Jeff has earned a reputation for being a strong, flexible, and diplomatic communicator over the course of his career. When he isn’t championing causes he feels strongly about, Jeff teaches curling, reads Star Wars books, or learns about space and interplanetary travel.


2019 Annual General Meeting


Please note that the Peg City Car Co-op 2019 Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 26, at 6:00 pm. 

Below you’ll find the Agenda and the Nominees for our 2020 Board of Directors. While all Peg City Car Co-op subscribers are welcome to join in, only Shareholding Members are able to vote or join the board. 

Handouts, Documents, Information

All attendees will join the Webinar muted, we ask that attendees please use the chat box to submit questions during the meeting.

Please review the attached documents:

2018 minutes: Peg-City-2018-AGM-Minutes 
2019 Agenda, Annual General Meeting
2019 AGM, Special Resolutions, to be approved.
2019 Audited Financial Statements

Agenda for the FY 2019 Annual General

May 26, 2020 at 6:00pm

1. Welcome and Introductions (Dayna, President)
2. Approval of Minutes from FY2018 AGM
3. Review and Approval of Agenda (Dayna, President)
4. Report: Review of Operations (Philip, Operations Manager)
5. Report: Review and Approval of Financial Statements and Audit (Tamir, Treasurer)
6. Appointment of Auditor (Tamir, Treasurer)
7. Vote on special resolutions (Dayna, President)
a. By-law amendments,
b. Articles of Incorporation Amendment
8. 2020-21 Board Nominations, Open from the Floor (Dayna, President)
9. Election of the 2020-21 Board of Directors (Dayna, President)
10. Other Business
11. Adjournment

2020 Board of Directors: Nominees

Directors seeking re-election:

Kelsey Evans 

Over the course of her 13-year career, Kelsey has enjoyed the opportunity to work in many dynamic environments in the business, non-profit, and retail management. She currently serves as the Regional Manager of Volunteer Engagement for the Canadian Cancer Society, overseeing a portfolio that spans three provinces and a volunteer base of over 6,000 individuals. Prior to working with the CCS, she was a Program Manager at Food Matters Manitoba, where she first joined Peg City Car Co-op as an organizational member. For four years, Kelsey also worked with local event and association management company Ethero Events, providing custom event and association management services for a variety of Winnipeg-based organizations. Kelsey is a University of Winnipeg graduate and lives in Wolseley with her partner and dog Olive. Kelsey enjoys walking and biking around the neighbourhood when the Winnipeg weather permits. She is passionate about making Winnipeg a great place to live and has been an individual member of the Co-op since 2016. Kelsey is excited to seek re-election this year and continue to support the forward momentum of the Co-op.

Mark Bauche 

Mark Bauche has been a Peg City Car Co-op member since 2013 and a board member since 2018. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Mark moved to Winnipeg in 1999 to study Environmental Design at the University of Manitoba. Apart from a two-year working holiday in the UK, he has lived in Winnipeg for all of two decades. As a landscape architect at HTFC Planning & Design, he has worked to create sustainable urban spaces throughout Winnipeg and across the region. Mark gave up car ownership back in 2003 and was thrilled when carsharing arrived in Winnipeg. He is keen to continue giving back to this growing carshare community by serving his second term on the Peg City Car Co-op Board of Directors.

Tamir Bourlas 

Tamir works for Assiniboine credit union and holds a degree in economics from the University of Winnipeg. He is passionate about carsharing and strongly believes we need to improve our mobility options in Winnipeg. He is currently serving as treasurer of Peg Car Co-op. 

Nominees seeking election: 

Kaye Grant

I believe that my personal and professional experiences align very well with what is currently being sought by the Board. I have extensive business experience as a consultant for small business, co-ops and social enterprises. I have worked in the co-op sector since 2013.

I am currently serving on the boards of the Manitoba Cooperative Association and CCEDNet. Previously I served on the Bike Winnipeg board for almost seven years. I continue to volunteer with Bike Winnipeg. I also served on the steering committee for Bike Week Winnipeg for four years. I have bookkeeping experience and currently oversee the financial management at the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation. I have experience in the non-profit sector developing budgets, reviewing financial statements and managing cash flow.

My work in the co-op sector has led me to believe in the co-op business structure. I support active transportation and use my bike to commute; but sometimes we all need use of a vehicle. I love that Peg City allows me to be car free.

Ian Walker

I believe that I would be a good fit for the Peg-City Car Co-Op because I am passionate about sustainability and helping make a transportation mode shift happen in Winnipeg. 

I am a former gear head. In my 20’s I owned four motorcycles, a pickup truck, a jeep, a van, and two cars. My bike sat in the garage most of the time, and I did a lot of driving. In my early 30’s when my first son was born, I dusted off my bike and started commuting on two wheels so my wife would have the car at home with our newborn. Cycling has allowed us to be a one-car family ever since. My wife is a regular transit user, and I cycle year-round (often on my Clockwork Orange Harry vs. Larry Bullitt). We’ve enjoyed using the Peg City vehicles and one day would like to sell our car and car share for all of our driving needs. 

As my concern for environmental destruction has grown, so has my passion for getting others out of their cars. My wife and I own one vehicle (an electric car that we bought second hand two years ago). We use the PCCC vehicles when we head out of town or need to carry more than our small car can carry. I’ve found the Peg City van’s useful for taking my kid’s friends out to activities that we can’t walk, cycle or bus to and the pickup truck has been great for camping! I spent a lot of time talking to folks about it when we were camping at Rushing River last summer. 

I have been an educator for 15 years. I currently teach grade 3 and 4, and I was formerly an early childhood literacy specialist working with our school’s grade 1 population. I am heavily involved in our school community as a coach and as the head mechanic of the Hampstead Wrench. 

I am keen to promote carsharing, transit, cycling, and walking in Winnipeg. I have many years of experience lobbying for safer and more inclusive cycling infrastructure as secretary, co-chair, a member at large and advocacy chair of Bike Winnipeg. I have developed many important relationships with decision-makers at the city, and with residents associations. I helped found the Norwood Flats Residents association in 2019. I was elected to the executive of the River East Transcona Teacher’s Association for four years. I have continued to keep in touch with my union friends through my cycling advocacy and community work. Prior to volunteering in the union movement and doing cycling advocacy, I was involved with the provincial and federal NDP. I worked on a variety of election campaigns, including managing a campaign in St. Boniface as the Official Agent.

I am a keen gardener. Over the past decade, I’ve replaced most of our front and back lawns with perennial and vegetable gardens. I love to play disc golf at Happyland with my buddy Dan. My wife, kids and I love spending the week at Birds Hill Park for the Winnipeg Folk Festival each July a tradition started by my late father. I love to be outdoors and can often be found camping, or at the cottage we rent on 2nd ave at Victoria Beach, Manitoba. I’m also a handyman and often have projects on the go in our 110 year old home. One of my recent projects was the conversion of our home’s heating and cooling system from an old gas furnace to a modern 5-ton ground-source heat pump.