Mobile Murals: Meet the Artists


Peg City Car Co-op and Synonym Art Consultation are thrilled to announce our wildest collaboration yet! Featuring artists Cyndie Belhumeur and Shaneela Boodoo.

Since 2012, Synonym Art Consultation has curated and facilitated over 100 different art installations and events in various venues across Winnipeg, always with the goal of making contemporary art more accessible to the public. Once again, we have partnered with Synonym to bring you some art on-the-go, just in time for Wall-to-Wall 2020!

Ford 150 Transit & mural

Our biggest cargo van, the Ford 150 Transit, now features Cyndie Belhumeur and Shaneela Boodoo’s 2019 Wall-to-Wall mural submission. Cyndie and Shaneela’s mural was a no-brainer when it came to selecting a mural for our new Peg City cargo van, with the artwork’s many ties to Winnipeg. Our past collaborations with Synonym artists have been outstanding, so we were excited to go even bigger this year!

Cyndie Belhumeur, Shaneela Boodoo infront of collaborative mural
Cyndie Belhumeur

Cyndie Belhumeur is a multidisciplinary artist living in Montreal. Cyndie questions sensitive representations of an ever-evolving volume of information. Using different approaches and mediums, she plays with accumulation, density, intimacy and overload of information to draw invisible links between virtual and real. She pushes back notions of limits and exchanges between physical and digital aspects as well as the changes that this relationship arouses in our understanding of the world. Cyndie aims to overwhelm the spectator presenting a multitude of intertwined elements by using multiple images, superimpositions and a variety of mediums. With these, she attempts to arouse a variety of interpretations, even opposing ones: organic and psychic, harmonized and chaotic and disturbing.

Shaneela Boodoo

Shaneela Boodoo is a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a BFA (Honours) in Design. She is a second-generation immigrant, born and based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and identifies as Indo-Caribbean. As an emerging artist, designer, and curator, Boodoo explores themes such as colonialism, displacement, and womanhood. Boodoo has also worked to establish and brand many BIPOC collectives in the city, such as RIND, Patterns Collective and Chroma Collective. She was previously the Gallery Program Assistant at the School of Art and has curated shows such as Adornment and Analogous that centered the experiences of BIPOC in institutional spaces. Shaneela currently sits on Wall-to-Wall’s 2020 Artistic Committee.

For 2019’s Wall-to-Wall, Cyndie was tasked to create a mural that brought life, colour, and creativity to downtown Winnipeg. Cyndie developed a mural design pulling together feelings, textures, experiences, and instances of Winnipeg/ Treaty 1 Territory as collected and shared by Shaneela. 

The collaborative mural references the many facets that Manitobans recognize such as frosty trees, pink prairie evening skies, transit bus seat patterns, and murky spring puddles.

You might spot our latest mobile mural around town or take it for a drive yourself!

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